Marvel comics


Marvel forces on comic books and entertainment, their main purpose is to primary focus of telling stories. Marvel first published their comics under the name Timely Comics in October 1939 introducing Sub-mariner and the Human Torch. Marvel has faced many hardships along the way, which of these include almost getting bankrupt. Growth over the years by developing more in-depth or adding to characters stories, giving them more of a background feel to the story of their comics. Mavrel have sometimes killing off personally beloved characters (death of Spider-man).  Stan Lee current runs the business for Marvel.


With great power, comes great responsibility

The main products that Marvel worked on are their beloved comic books and Marvel hit movies. The target market is all ages, but mostly young boys and hobby collectors. In 1980’s the Marvel comics had high demand peaking at roughly 10,000 in the early 1990’s. For now days since Marvel does print a lot of new comics, the rare older edition are much more in demand compare to the newer ones that are hitting the shelf. With the newer comics they are finding out that the higher the quality there is the more likely it’s going to be sold, compare to those that don’t have a in-depth storyline to them. With the stages of production writer and artist will have to team up, come up with in-depth storyline with amazing art work to go along with the story. Without the perfection of one or the other will determine the state of the comic of becoming a hit or a miss. Comics take a while to develop, write and who the art works will determine if the comic will become a classic for the readers.  When a comic becomes an classic or rare the copies could be worth thousands of dollars bring up Marvels market value. The price ranged changed over the years from being 1.25 to 2.25 until 4.00 dollars per comic book, Some can even reach over 10 dollars or 100 for a rare edition.



Titles Sold: 76
Titles Double-Shipped: 14
Average Price: $3.49
Total Units Sold: 2,415,887
Total Dollars Sold: $8,720,836.13
Average Units/Title: 31,787
Average Dollars/Title: $114,747
From :

Marvel likes to refer their competition as “Distinguished Competition”, DC comics characters are more noticeable compare to those in Marvel. DC is known for Batman, Superman, and Wonder woman to name a few.  Marvel has a competitive advantage from getting brought out from Disney, Disney has quoted that “We believe that adding Marvel to Disney’s unique portfolio of brands provides significant opportunities for long-term growth and value creation.” Having Marvel add characters joining together in numerous teams such as “Avengers”, “New Avengers” plotting them into events like “Secret Invasion”, “Civil War”, and “Siege.”


Marvel has been successful for having character that is more relatable compare to those in DC. Covering detailing storylines that join some of the beloved superhero together, giving kids hope that good will always win against evil. With breath-taking art and in-depth story leaving readers wanting more The possible weakness that Marvel faces is that mostly all the comics they make have a background story making it hard for the beginner readers to understand the detailed storyline with all the cross overs. Overall Marvel has captured the interest of their readers, even making movies that connect all movies into one massive big one, just like their comic books. From the little details to the amazing cover work, Marvel has shown time after time that good will always defend evil.




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